Gina Campbell

Plan & Protect is my journey which begun with my incredible daughter Mia, and now it’s one I enjoy with my wonderful partner, Andy, too. It began as a response to crisis; now, it enables us to enjoy the epic adventure of life together as a family.

I was a single Mum. I wanted to know my daughter, Mia, and be fully involved with her life: watch her grow, support her, encourage her and nurture her.

I’ve also seen colleagues, friends, and family members diagnosed with serious illness. Some of them died. And I knew how hugely that impacted not just that individual, but their whole family. I found it so hard to see people struggling – not just with their illness, but with financial worries. I wanted them to be able to focus on getting better, not worry about whether their partner would have enough money after they’d gone!

My clients refer me to their friends and families.

As a family, we know only too well that everything can change in a split second – so we make the most of every minute of every day.

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