Cover for the two of you

When you’re in a relationship, married or not, you probably have joint assets. So it’s vital to know who has control if the worst was to happen. Whether it’s income protection, life cover or something completely different, Plan and Protect can give you the best advice to make sure you stay financially secure, even in a crisis.

Critical/Serious Illness Cover

If you’re diagnosed with a serious illness, this cover generates a tax-free lump sum to support you and your loved ones.

We’ll help you to understand which illnesses are covered and what the relevant pay-outs are, as this varies from insurer to insurer – and we’ll never suggest you take out a plan that isn’t right for you.

Life Insurance

Put simply, it’s money that takes care of everyone when you’re not there anymore. A legacy for your loved ones.

Plan & Protect will advise you, and help you to make everything as easy as it can possibly be for the people you’ve left behind. You’ll have peace of mind that they’ll be looked after – with a trust, so that monies are available quickly, tax-free, and go straight to the people you’ve named as your beneficiaries.

Income Protection

If you can’t work, how do you pay the bills? Income protection gives you the comfort of knowing that if you can’t earn money you can still pay your bills.

We will work with you to understand your needs and deliver plans that are right for you.

Private Medical Insurance

Because Plan & Protect is an independent adviser, we can arrange exactly the right cover to suit your needs and your budget, from across the entire UK insurance market. We’ll review your plan every year, so you’ll never pay more than you need.

You’ll get the very best treatment – at times that work for you.

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“The difference with Gina is she really cares. She becomes family and always has your best interests at heart.”

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