Employee benefits

In addition to Private Medical Insurance we offer company cash plans. These plans are becoming increasing popular as they offer a very cost effective package that covers your HR Duty of Care to Staff responsibility.

We have a huge amount of experience in helping you to create an employee engagement programme. We will even visit your team/office free of charge to discuss the benefits you have chosen directly with your team members in a fun and effective way.

After all, engagement and communication of such is the real key to employees valuing the benefits you have put in place for them.

Cash Plan

These help you to retain and attract the best staff and helps everyone who is covered to save money on their everyday healthcare costs such as going to the dentist, optician and/or having physiotherapy for example. These plans can also cover your ‘Duty of Care’ under HR legislation as they can provide a 24/7 wellbeing helpline and you can, should you wish add on face to face counselling sessions too.  Various schemes at all levels can be purchased but you do need to have a minimum of 3 employees to set a cash plan scheme up.

Private Health Care

This will help you attract the best people to your business should you have this as a benefit. This will also help to reduce your sickness and absence issues by providing some or all of your employees with quick diagnosis and treatment at a date and time to suit your employees and your business. Various types of schemes are on offer and you can, should you wish to have different levels of cover for employees within the business. You need a minimum of two employees to start a company scheme.

Why Are Employee Benefits Important?

In our view a business is only as good as the people who work within it, so it is key that when you gain the right team that you keep them and they feel valued. One way of doing this is to create an affordable benefits package for them and communicate this to them so they truly understand what this means to them on an individual level.

We know this takes time, but don’t worry we will take care of the communication for you. Additionally, if your business is growing and you need to attract new team members then one consideration for all applicants is the benefits package you have to offer, so again this is why we feel it is important to set up.

Finally, there is a huge amount of studies that show that when employees feel valued, happy and cared for then this makes them more productive in their role.  So, as you can see lots of reasons to get in touch to discuss your business plans and we can create a bespoke solution.

“The difference with Gina is she makes it really easy to understand what you're getting and you know that whichever cover you get, it's right for you.”

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